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Suppose we have the following scenario: you are teaching a class and you would like to use the wiki feature in Moodle in a way that allows students to work in groups. The students in each group will only be able to see their own wiki from their corresponding group. Suppose that at some point after all the work is completed, you, the teacher, would like to enable each group to see the wikis belonging to other groups. All of this is possible with Moodle's wiki feature (to find out more about wiki pages, you can visit this link: ).

Let's go ahead and create the situation explained above:
1. Log into your course where you would like to create the wiki
2. Create the student groups that are going to be creating their own wiki pages. In order to do this, you have to click on the Groups option in the Administration panel in your course. To create a new group, simply click on the Create group button, give it a name and a group description and click Save Changes. 
To add/remove students to/from a particular group, select a group and click on the Add/Remove users button. To add a student, simply select the name and click on the Add button (the same goes for remove, by clicking on the Remove button).
3. Now that we have our groups created, let's add the wiki. Go to the course main page and Turn Editing on (the button on the top right of your screen):

Figure 1: Turn editing on button in Moodle

4. Click on the Add an activity drop-down menu and select Wiki (it should be the last option).

Figure 2: Adding a Wiki activity

5. In the Adding a new wiki window type in the name of the Wiki and a Summary related to the content that needs to be created in that wiki. 
6. From the Group Mode submenu select Separate Groups. This means students will be able to work and see their own wiki. 

Figure 3: Setting the Group Mode to Separate groups

7. Optionally, you can select a Grade Category if you want this activity to be graded.
8. Click on Save and return to course. You should now be able to see the wiki activity in your course. 
9. At this point, students can go ahead and work on their wiki pages. Once all the work is done, you could allow the students to see the work of other groups. To do this, you need to turn editing on in your course and then going to the Update option that is right next to the wiki name along with other options such as Move, Delete or Hide etc.
10. In the Group Mode submenu select Visible Groups (this is the same menu as seen in Figure 3). This will allow students belonging to one group to see the work of other groups.

Note: You can always go back and forth between Visible Groups and Separate Groups without losing any information. The only drawback is that you have to do this manually; there is no option to change this option after a particular deadline. 

This completes this tutorial on creating a wiki in Moodle. If you have any questions, feel free to send us an e-mail at or to call us at X2589. 

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