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Online video hosting websites like and are invaluable resources of videos on a wide range of topics. Many clips of hard to find but very important incidents, news reports or even rare interviews can be found online. It is hence, extremely understandable if you wish to download and use these videos in class. There might be instances when you want to gather several clips together and create an extended video that includes several different clips from several different sources. You might even want to record your own voiceover or commentary on the clip. This is when comes in very handy.

The website essentially helps you download any video from Youtube or Metacafe or a variety of other video hosting websites. Keepvid does this by locating sites from where the video is being hosted. Then, it just becomes a simple matter of downloading the video from the site/mirror location.

  • Open the video you wish to download in a separate window.
  • Now click and drag over the URL in the address bar, then right click, and select copy. The URL address bar is located at the top of the window. Make sure to select the entire URL address including http://



  • Open a new window (or tab) and then type in
  • Right click in the blue URL box and paste the address for the Youtube video you copied. Then click download. 


  • You will now be presented with a list of download links. These links differ in terms of the quality of the video as well as the video format as well. It is suggested that you use .mp4 video format due to its greater versatility and compatibility.




  • Now simply left click on the link you wish to download and then hit save. Make sure to download the video to an easy to locate site, like the desktop.



keepvid4.jpgNow if you have downloaded a number of different videos, you might want to create a video that contains clips from all these videos. You might want to take a look at our blogs in the video section for Comprehensive Guides on Video Editing.

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