Direct Digitizing from VHS to DVD

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The recently upgraded rack with equipment in Library room 135 now allows you to digitize a VHS tape and burn it straight onto a DVD. This new feature comes handy when you need to show your class a movie or a few clips, but you don't have a VHS player in the classroom. It is also good to use in order to preserve data recorded on VHS. Over time VHS tapes go bad and thus the content on them may be damaged.

In just a few steps you will be able to digitize your VHS recording and burn it onto a DVD.

untitled.bmpStep 1) Insert a blank DVD disk in the Panasonic DVD player (#1).
Step 2) Insert the VHS tape in the Toshiba VHS player (#2).
Step 3) Adjust the incoming/outgoing signal from the panel above the Panasonic DVD player. The signal should come from #2 and go to #1.

Step 4) Once you have started to play the VHS tape, you can press the "Record" button on the DVD player. You can do that either on the DVD player or with the remote control. We would encourage you to use the remote control.
Step 5) Once you think you have captured the movie or the scene, you should stop recording by pressing the "Stop" button on the remote control. You may add more scenes later on, providing that you have not finalized the disk.

2.bmpStep 6) When you have all of the desired scenes on the DVD disk, you have to finalize it. If you do not finalize the disk, it will be unreadable on other DVD devices. To finalize the DVD disk, press the "Functions" button on the remote control. From the menu that will appear on the screen, select "Other Functions". From the newly opened sub-menu you need to select "DVD Management" and this is where you can finalize your disk.

You will also be asked if you want to finalize the disk when you press the eject button. Follow the instructions on the screen if you want to finalize it. If you do not wish to finalize it, press the eject button a second time.

Your finalized disk can play on classroom computers and DVD players. If you experience difficulties with digitizing or playing your finalized DVD disks, please contact any of the STA office assistants. We would be glad to help you out and look at problematic disks.

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