Powerpoint 2003 & 2007: Embedding Video Files

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This tutorial will explain the process of embedding a video file in PowerPoint 2007. In this case, by embedding I mean incorporating the video file in the PowerPoint presentation such that when you movie the presentation itself you still get to play the video. In other words, the video file is not just linked, it becomes part of the presentation file.

Bear in mind that PowerPoint presentations are compatible with only several types of movie formats: .asf (Advanced Streaming Format), .avi (Audio Video Interleave), .mpeg or mpg (Moving Picture Experts Group) and .wmv (Windows Media Video).  

For PowerPoint 2007 on Windows
Follow these steps to embed the movie:
1. Open PowerPoint 2007
2. Click on the Insert tab in the top menu (also known as the ribbon)
3. Click on Object
4. Click on the radio button next to Create from file
5. Click Browse. Navigate to your movie file, select it and click Open and then OK in the Insert Object window. You should see an icon being inserted in the PowerPoint presentation.
6. At this point, if you leave the presentation like this, the movie will not play. In order to make it play, you have to go to the Animations menu in the ribbon and select Custom Animation. A menu should now open.
7. From the menu that opens, click on Add Effect, from the drop-down menu click on Object Actions and then on Activate Content
8. Press Ctrl+S to save your presentation. You can test to see if it works by pressing F5 on the keyboard to begin the slideshow and clicking on the movie icon to start the video. You should see the movie opening up in a separate window.

For PowerPoint 2003 on Windows
1. Open PowerPoint 2003
2. Go to the Insert menu and select Object
3. You should see a new window open. Click on the Create New radio button
4. Select Windows Media Player from the Object Type list
5. Browse to the location of your movie file, select it and click OK. You should now see the Windows Media Player embedded in the presentation and you can move it around and resize it.
6. Press Ctrl+S to save you presentation. You can test to see if the presentation works by pressing F5 on the keyboard to begin the slideshow.

This concludes the tutorial on how to embed a movie file in PowerPoint. If the options presented above do not work please leave a comment on the blog or contact us by e-mail: sta-help@trincoll.edu or by telephone at X2589.

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